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 Think smartphones have killed all other MP3 players? Neil Young thinks different. And so do 8,000 kickstarter backers Read more here

Did you know that the average American used 168 disposable water bottles last year? That equates to roughly 50 billion plastic bottles. That’s just water bottles; and just in the United States. Today, plastic is the packaging king with manufacturing capabilities and consumer usage at all-time highs. Read more here.

What is the future of 3-D printing?

That is still up for debate, but at South by Southwest, it is all about the edible swag.

Only a few blocks away from Mondelez International’s 3-D-printing Oreo machine, SXSW attendees can find 3-D printed candy. Read more here.


Radius is seeking a Manager of Research in our Chicago office. We are searching for someone that can perform as an experienced design research practitioner as well as a research thought leader and manager in our Chicago studio. This is a strategic position to help build and evolve our research practice and Chicago based team, and could have career growth toward a director position. We are looking at individuals that have experiences in the UX/UI product space and physical product interfaces, ergonomics and usability. see more at radiuspd.com/about/careers/


 Radius is excited to announce that Senior Designer Jeremy Van Hill has been elected to the post of IDSA Northeast District Vice President. We’re certain that he’ll add immeasurable value to the organization and its mission. Congratulations Jeremy!