An integrated cross-functional development approach creates
a more holistic solution.


An integrated product design and development approach | Radius Innovation & Development

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Informed innovation means considering multiple perspectives to create a synergy of design thinking. We approach innovation with a focus on people, technology, and business. Our work is done with a careful consideration for the needs of our clients and their customers. We think of the development process as an orchestrated flow of 4 key integrated disciplines and the interrelated activities that enable us to address our clients’ specific needs and bring them the right product solution. Our 4 disciplines are: discover, design, develop, and deliver.

Discovery is the strategic evaluation of a brand, user and business needs to identify key insights and market opportunities. Design rationalizes the right path by generating, developing and evaluating ideas that meet the success criteria of this ideal experience. Development optimizes the design from the best ideas for user, functional, performance and manufacturability. Delivery implements the design through the challenging aspects of supplier identification and management to the successful launch of the product. We integrate these key functions to provide our customers with a powerful offering that delivers both world class design and innovation with technical horsepower to deliver product solutions all the way through manufacturing.

We call it Innovation Realized.