Predictable and efficient ramp to production translates into tangible
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Product Design Verification & Implementation | Radius Innovation & Development

Verification and Implementation
Our Design Verification and Implementation capabilities help our customers seamlessly navigate the transition from development into production.

We help our customers and manufacturing partners anticipate and address risks before they can impact the schedule. Our implementation team jumps into new product development early, leading design verification planning, creating capable test methods, supplying technical verification expertise, manufacturing planning and qualification, supplier sourcing, and the supply chain management to effectively get your product over the finish line and into production. We want to ensure that our clients realize ROI in their development investments by efficiently getting products to the market.

We actively manage the development to launch process to develop and test prototypes for performance verification and higher volume prototype production runs for market acceptance testing and process verification. Because we are an ISO 13485 quality-certified firm, we understand the unique regulatory and market pressures involved in bringing a new drug delivery, diagnostic, lab, surgical system or device to market. We routinely coordinate clinical trial manufacturing builds typically required for medical products. From prototype, through verification testing to production product launch, our pre-production prototype manufacturing and assembly capabilities are geared to provide efficiency while managing risk. 

• Design and Process Verification planning and Testing
• Prototyping, pilot, and high volume prototype production builds
• Global manufacturing sourcing, qualification, and supply chain management 

Verification and Implementation Capabilities

 Design verification and testing
 Prototyping fabrication and high volume prototype production builds
 Manufacturing and Production planning
 Quality engineering and management
 Process Validation, IQ/OQ/PQ
 Parts inspection and qualification
 Clean room assembly and testing
 FDA GMP compliance
 Supply chain development and management
 Global sourcing and supply chain management