We combine deep engineering and technical expertise with the process rigor to deliver solutions to the most complex problems.


New Product Development | Radius Innovation & Development

Engineering and Technology
Turning meaningful new product concepts into actionable, practical solutions through a rigorous process that optimizes designs and defines the path for production.

Our development team includes experts in design, mechanical and electro-mechanical engineering, program managers, quality management and testing professionals, and manufacturing engineers integrated together to provide the highest degree of product innovation, technical excellence and execution. We are committed to making sure that the product is fully engineered for performance and manufacturability, so we develop, test, refine, and verify that the product looks and works the way it intended to before we release it for manufacturing.

Our core areas of expertise include component and system level engineering, precision mechanical and electromechanical systems, rapid prototyping, and design verification testing, design for manufacture and assembly, and quality control planning. Through early supplier integration we streamline the design for manufacturability to avoid costly downstream rework. We are a globally certified for medical device development under ISO13485 and provide the necessary rigor, documentation and control for FDA compliance and regulatory requirements. 

• Integrated development teams for innovation, expertise and execution
• Early supplier integration for optimal DFMA
• Design verification testing for getting it right the first time
• Quality Management System for process control, documentation , and risk management

Engineering & Technology Capabilities

• Mechanical and electromechanical engineering development
• Systems and electrical engineering development
• Software engineering and system architecture development
• Design for manufacture and assembly
• Tolerance analysis
• Design for Six Sigma
• Static and dynamic Finite Element Analysis, including thermal analysis tools
• Computational Fluid Dynamics
• CETOL, including 3D mechanism analysis
• Risk Management and FMEA
• Quality engineering
• Design verification
• Mold flow analysis , including moldability and cycle time reduction
 Tool development