Our discovery approach reveals informed, actionable opportunities
connected to clear user, technical and business context.


An integrated product design and development approach | Radius Innovation & Development

Strategy and Research
Our strategy & research team employs an informed approach to reveal customer demands, illuminate market and product performance needs and identify innovation opportunities that drive business value.

We believe that an understanding of how people interact with products lead us to insights that drive real innovation. Our strategic research team plays a critical role in both front end and back end development activities to inform and inspire your project team by going deep to uncover stakeholder needs, identify new opportunities, and inspire design with coherent and actionable strategies.

Our approach creates a cohesive strategic roadmap, information hierarchy and action plan for success, bringing you “informed innovation.” Looking outward, we analyze user behaviors, evaluate your markets, assess both local and global trends, and identify competitive, organizational and market dynamics. But we also look inward, to analyze and confirm technology, manufacturing and usability requirements.

This important work accelerates the design and development process. Our Strategy and Research team is a diverse mix of seasoned experts in ethnography, business strategy, usability research, and product portfolio management. As a part of our work, we tell powerful stories, provide insights and explore re-frames to identify market differentiating opportunities, contribute to design concepts and quantify the ideal product experience. We deploy a variety of quantitative and qualitative research techniques, enabling our team to incorporate the invaluable voice of the customer feedback as well as critical observations. These fresh inputs inform the innovation and design process. Further, we actively integrate research, design and engineering disciplines to drive deep, substantive knowledge within our team and yours. The result is a focused and effective “informed innovation” process that achieves:

• Business and stakeholder inputs that inform and guide the innovation and design process
• Integrated user, product and business strategies
• Cohesive strategic roadmaps and action plan for project and market success
• Robust and actionable design inputs and product specifications
• Usability studies that verify and validate requirements

Strategy & Research Capabilities

 Contextual research and opportunity assessment
 Market , trend , competitive and segmentation analysis
 Brand strategy assessment
 Product planning and design strategy
 User experience research
 Human factors analysis
 Concept testing
 Participatory design
 Usability testing
 Technology & manufacturing research
 Lifecycle analysis