How do population growth, economic conditions and government regulations affect your next opportunity in emerging markets?


Product Design Innovation for Emerging Markets | Radius Innovation & Development

We develop insights into cultural context required to build value for a growing world.

The growing and emerging markets of the world are changing quickly. The new spending power of an emerging global middle class requires a change in business thinking. We help our clients analyze their products’ feature set to ensure the right combination to meet pricing needs while still delivering an outstanding customer experience. This informed consumerism is leveraging technology and access to information to make purchase decisions and demand product innovation tied to their specific want and needs. We believe that the ability to manufacture efficiently and at the right price point is a key element of good product design.

For brands to succeed in this changing world, a hyper-local understanding of culture and daily routines is required to connect and influence behavior and perceived value. Our approach to emerging market product innovation combines localized market research with teams on the ground for full immersion into the cultures and daily lives of users. Designing in market regions, localized Radius team members identify insights and product attributes required to address the combination of differences in physical, functional, cultural, financial and emotional hierarchy structures that translate into meaningful localized solutions.