At the intersection of people and products,
we create brand experiences that connect.

Our understanding of how consumers feel and interact with brands leads us to deep insights that inform and enable meaningful product packaging design and innovation.

Retail environments today are fiercely competitive. New informational access redefines the first moment of truth at shelf - the place where informed consumers connect with branded products before selecting - a place where brands struggle to make more meaningful connections with those consumers. We understand product packaging needs to be highly visible, clearly communicate differentiating value and convenience, and evoke an emotional connection – both on the shelf and in the home. It needs to reinforce the brand message and deliver on the perceptual cues at every juncture, through use to disposal and ideally, re-use. Successful packaging creates memorable experiences by delivering on the brand promise through the meaningful connection of each of the elements: purpose, form, structure, and function.

We work closely with your brand managers to ensure brand attributes are seamlessly interwoven into our solutions to create memorable and lasting product experiences. We focus on how structural design can meet the consumer’s first moment of truth, then stretching the brand’s emotive and lifestyle assets into a second moment of truth to create holistic product packaging solutions that build brand loyalty and devotion.

We are dedicated to making products real, and have long-standing manufacturing partnerships, which enables us to maintain cost constraints and manufacturing efficiencies while still being responsible for the ecological impact of the package throughout its life-cycle.