Jabil Is Helping RayVio to Bring Clean Water to the World.

“Radius helped us bring our technology vision to life - in six weeks - by delivering a tangible product to show our growing partner ecosystem.”
- Dr. Yitao Liao, Chief Innovation Officer, RayVio

RayVio is an advanced health and hygiene company, focused on delivering clean water and environments. The company's unique, efficient and powerful UV LED technology has the ability to kill 99.99% of germs in water in just 30 seconds and can be integrated into a variety of applications.

You could say there are challenges in building a whole new industry to serve a potential market size in the billions. According to Robert Walker, RayVio's President & Co-Founder "What RayVio is doing is enabling never-before-possible applications." Thus, in seeking brand and product partnerships, as well as customer engagements, they needed tangible proof points to help explain the potential applications, validate the claims of the technology, and get the business going.

"We came to Radius with a very, I would say demanding requirement that this has to be done fast." Says Dr. Yitao Liao, Chief Innovation Officer for RayVio.

In many ways, the Radius partnership was a natural fit; not the least of which was the in-house Digital Prototype Lab located at the Jabil Blue Sky Center in Silicon Valley. Radius was tasked with designing and building a finished, functional proof of concept. And thanks to their unique ability to offer integrated capabilities under one roof, a project that would typically take 12 to 24 months was successfully completed in just 6 weeks.

Now RayVio is set to launch a series of prototypes, including a baby bottle, travel water bottle, and faucet-like product, that partners could use to quickly launch their own, branded products. And you can bet that Radius and Jabil are ready to help them go to market faster than ever before possible.

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