Angle Mounted LEDs

Improving reliability while reducing the complexity and cost of 3D exterior lighting systems

Rear car lights

In recent years, we’ve seen huge growth in Automotive brands using LED lights to create complex, three-dimensional, signature exterior lighting.  And whilst these look great and help differentiate between brands, these complex designs come with an increased price tag. Interconnecting and assembling multiple PCBAs and LEDs in different positions within a single housing is complex and expensive. It requires the use of complex electronics, multiple interconnections, 3D plastic holders and additional thermal management components.

This is where Jabil’s unique and patented packaging solution for angle mounting LEDs comes in. 

To put it simply, our solution enables LED’s to be mounted directly onto the circuit board at varying angles as required by the design. Gone are all the bulky, complex and difficult to produce components. These are replaced by one reliable multifunctional component, that enables: 


Using this simple but innovative mounting solution designers can develop signature lighting patterns in three-dimensional forms that allow a marque to express itself and create unique brand identity and differentiate from their competition. 


Fewer parts mean less interconnectivity, less risk of failure and a more robust solution in the field. Important when the cost of replacement can outweigh the cost of a part.


Jabil’s new patented system enhances the efficiency of the lighting system without requiring additional thermal management components.


Because of the simplicity of the solution, lighting modules are less complex and take up less space. 


Simplicity in manufacturing deliver benefits in so many areas, be that supply chain consolidation, reduced bill of materials, reduced process steps, shorter assembly time, higher yields, or simply lower costs.


Speed is essential in the modern world and the simplicity in design and build serve to help shorten the time taken to bring the product to market.


Jabil’s angle-mounted LED packaging solution is AEC Q101 compliant. And available in a range of beam directions, holder colors and light source colors.

Variable Angle Mounted LEDs

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Variable Angle Mounted LEDs for Automotive Applications