Smart Packaging with Dash Replenishment Service

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Amazon Dash Replenishment Service

In an evolving market, customer engagement and data-driven product innovation are more important than ever. As a Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) Solution Provider, Jabil Packaging Solutions (JPS) supplies end-to-end smart packaging systems that enable automated ordering and improved customer awareness. Our digital replenishment system includes design and development services for bespoke packaging and devices, tooling and molding, embedded electronics, supply chain, firmware, mobile app development, software development, data analytics, and cloud solutions.

A Truly Smart Solution

Interest in smart packaging is growing fast, but actual execution is difficult. A true smart solution is an ecosystem that drives market success. But it’s not easy to find all the integrated capabilities required to supply the design, verification, and mass production of a smart packaging system, especially under one roof. With more than 50 years of experience in injection molding, electronics, and high precision assembly, Jabil Packaging Solutions offers end-to-end packaging design-to-delivery capabilities, including smart packaging electronics integration, consumer device experience, volume packaging production, and software development expertise, all from a single vendor. Coupled with a global supply chain and award-winning analytics, JPS’ extended capabilities are unprecedented in the industry. We enable you to bring your innovation to market before your competitors do, and at the right price.

A Winning Partnership

Integration of hardware and software, design and manufacturing, business value and technical expertise drives the true value of DRS solutions from Jabil.

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Smart Packaging with Dash Replenishment Service