Packaging Innovation Sprint

A Jabil Service Offering for Rapid Innovation with Reduced Go-To-Market Risk

The Race is On

There was a time when successful packaging innovation simply meant a better way of protecting and identifying your products.

Today, packaging heavily influences factors ranging from brand positioning and perception to product performance and price. And with the maturation of trends such as digital connectivity and omni-channel purchasing, consumer habits and expectations are beginning to outpace brand performance.

In order to win the race to market, it's time to overhaul your regimens, challenge your assumptions, and partner with new teammates who can help you move at the speed of digital.

Navigating innovation roadblocks 

Innovating in the consumer goods packaging space is costly, risky, and hard. A gauntlet of external and internal roadblocks often keep development teams from reaching their goals.

Common internal obstacles include chronic indecisiveness, rigid functional silos, and extreme risk aversion. On the outside world, things aren't necessarily much better. Juggling multiple vendors across multiple engagements means your team often spends more time on coordination than innovation. 

And that simply doesn't cut it.   

Finding the sweet spot

Jabil's Packaging Innovation Sprint is designed to keep your development process lean and mean.  Working with ONE partner to quickly and accurately answer critical questions that determine your potential success for a product packaging idea:

  1. Will your consumers and the market accept it?
  2. Is the idea technically feasible?
  3. Does the concept make sense financially?

The Sprint is a combined solution by Jabil and our innovation and product development consultancy, Radius.  This is a true insights-to-commercialization model that offers accuracy, speed, and reduced risk.

How it works - in as little as 4 weeks!

We plan and execute a program of workshops and a Concept Sprint, implemented as a perfectly tailored - or all-in analysis of ideas - depending on your specific needs: 

  1. How well “baked” is your idea?
  2. How much analysis has your company already done?
  3. Have you satisfied the needs of your key stakeholders?
  4. Have you appropriately mitigated go-to-market risk?

Whatever the answers, the sprint model has been designed for maximum flexibility. Ultimately, you choose!

Beyond The Concept Sprint

User Acceptance Testing

Add User Acceptance Testing to gain access to Jabil's rapid feedback platform. While development and manufacturing resources investigate commercial viability, researchers and human factors experts assess desirability with your target users, instilling confidence in your new direction.

Build It

Add the "Build It" option if technical feasibility is a major concern.  Whether you're investigating an alternative dispensing method or introducing a new material, "Build It" enables rapid prototyping in a low-risk, high velocity environment with the experts.

Costing & Supply Chain Strategy

Add Costing & Supply Chain Strategy to assess your concepts from a financial perspective. Our supply chain experts can develop flexible cost models for the earliest stages of product innovation or pursue network optimization strategies for more mature projects.

Take the Next Step

Your One-Stop-Shop for Packaging Innovation

By partnering with us, you'll immediately gain the unified experience and capabilities of a world-class innovation partner:

  • Strategists & researchers
  • Designers & development engineers
  • Deep expertise in plastics, materials, electronics, and dispensing systems
  • Manufacturing experts and supply chain strategists
  • Global manufacturing footprint    

All Under One Roof!

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