Design Services

Scaling Solutions to Market

testing the Board with the help of the robot.

Innovative Jabil design engineers are experienced experts in mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, materials science, structural analysis, and electricity. They understand your challenges and translate them into cost-effective, highly-manufacturable designs for metal and plastic enclosures, tooling, and thermal architectures.

We plan, create, and test the development and installation of electrical equipment, including electronic components, power systems, power distribution, safety systems, and voice and data communication infrastructures.

Our expertise in helping customers understand what to make and how to scale solutions to market include:

  • System architecture design
  • Low-power platforms
  • High-compute platforms
  • Schematic/layout
  • RF design
  • FPGA
  • Test design
  • Cost and DFM/A analysis


Mechanical Design

  • Enclosures from miniature to massive
  • Sheet metal
  • Cast (metal and plastic)
  • Precision mechanics and mechatronics


Manufacturing Readiness

  • Tooling management
  • Tooling cost/risk analysis
  • Vendor evaluation and selection


Thermal Design

  • Thermal architecture
  • Thermal analysis, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling
  • Board, chip, package-level thermal design
  • Heat sink design, selection and customization
  • Detailed, comprehensive thermal test plans and reports
testing the Board with the help of the robot.